Mother's Day Wellness Brunch Watercolor Class

This event is no longer on sale.

Sunday May 8

10:05 AM  –  10:55 AM


Meet your Watercolor Instructor!


Christin Quissell has been painting for 37 years. With a BA in Art Education and an MFA in painting she enjoys teaching people of all ages to paint and to visually observe the world. A relative newcomer to the Sonoran Desert, Christin is fascinated by the soulfulness of its dilapidated structures and how light plays on its succulents and cactus. A current Wayfinders Life Coach trainee, Christin is striving to create a practice of art-making integrated with healing and self-knowing.


Duration: 50 minutes


What to expect: Learn to watercolor paint or improve your skills. Explore the elements and principles of design readily found in the desert – line, shape, contrast, repetition and pattern, while focusing on different watercolor techniques!


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