Mother's Day Wellness Brunch Crystal Singing Bowls

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Sunday May 8

9:00 AM  –  9:50 AM



Meet your Crystal Singing Bowl Instructor!

Linda Huss, Crystals & Crosses in Apache Junction is a Certified Crystal Practitioner and Sound Healing Therapy Treatments. She graduated from University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with BA in Communication. She is fascinated with energy, vibration, cymatics, frequencies, laws of attraction, and power of positive thinking. Linda is a ten-year resident of Arizona now living in Apache Junction. She is secretary and Board Member of the Apache Junction Rock & Gem Club and co-owner of Happy Pets Palace in Mesa and Chandler. Linda is passionate about animals, nature, and geology, and the well-being received from embracing the good in all. “Mindfully create moments worth re-living.” -lch


Duration: 50 minutes


What to expect: Enjoy an outside garden filled with harmonics. Experience soothing, long-lasting sound, deep resonance and vibration frequencies from both crystal singing bowls and old Tibetan metal bowls. Participants will be allowed hands-on experience with vibration from the Tibetan metal bowls or gong. Scientific data will be shared explaining how sound healing helps improve our total well-being. There are many holistic benefits of Sound Therapy Treatments. Come experience and learn how sound vibrations can improve your physical and mental well-being sharing with you joy and inner peace. 


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