Mother's Day Wellness Brunch Chakras with Chakra Crystals

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Sunday May 8

9:00 AM  –  9:50 AM


Meet your Chakras with Chakra Crystals Instructor!

Lady Qua is an Empath Empowerment Coach and gifted Intuitive Counselor that offers guidance for her clients to help identify and clear life blocks while bringing them towards alignment with their dreams and desires. Her ability to feel subtle energies and frequencies has made her a go to for clients around the world.  


In 2017 she founded 7 Stones Publishing LLC which became a successful publisher of inspirational works, including The Cartomancer Magazine, that became a global success in 20 countries around the world. In 2020, she opened a metaphysical shop in Gold Canyon, Arizona named 7 Stones, that offered healing crystals, and handmade and holistic wellness products made by local artists and small business owners. Now residing in Apache Junction, she runs a virtual private coaching business and teaches Empath Empowerment classes locally and online and anything and all things related to the energies of crystals!  You can check out her podcast, The Lady Qua Show on most streaming platforms and find out more information about events and sessions at!  


Duration: 50 minutes


What to expect: Welcome to the wonderful world of earth's beautiful minerals and energy healers! Learn about the energy centers that reside in our being and how to use crystals to assist them in functioning at their optimal level. 



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